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Update on Project S.T.I.C.K.

Remember that Full-Fledged game I was talking about earlier? Well after much discussing, we have managed to come up with many design ideas, and a short little demo. Nothing public, mind you, but still something I should probably note. At this point, it's a 2 developer project. The other developer, who from this point on, I shall refer to as "Mr. Snuffles" talked about it with me over AIM this evening:

Snuffles: This game: http://www.datarealms.com/
Snuffles: Should be
Snuffles: Our inspiration
Snuffles: It's being developed by one guy, with one other guy doing graphics
Snuffles: And
Snuffles: It's an awesome game
Moose: I think I just got earwax in my hair
Snuffles: It shows that independent developers like us can create unique and high quality games
Snuffles: Um
Snuffles: I didn't need to know that
Snuffles: But anyway
Snuffles: That game is our INSPIRATIOn
Snuffles: Our MUSe
Snuffles: Our KINDRED SPIRIt
Snuffles: Our MENTOr
Moose: yeah, I DEFINITLY got earwax in there
Snuffles: You're focusing on entirely the wrong thing right now...

For those concerned, I did manage to get it out!