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Thinkings and Worklike Creatures

So like, I was thinking about what exactly I’m going to do for the Tutorials. I’m currently torn between just a video of me demonstrating it with my voice commenting, a list of every step with pictures, and even an interactive flash tutorial. The video would be the easiest and maybe even the most useful, however, it would kind of defeat the purpose of people even bothering to visit this site... Maybe I could just talk about it a bunch. I’d also still probably include a shortcut key with pictures or reminders for the video that can be referenced quickly. The list of every step is an interesting one, and it’d look nice too, however, there are some things that you really just need to see to understand. The interactive flash tutorial is obviously the most work, but it’d be SO COOL OMG.

So yeah, that’s all I got. I’ll probably either choose Video or Interactive Flash Tutorial. But you know how I am with all things Interactive... whimper I’M WORKING ON IT STILL. I’m thinking either this weekend... or next... uh, that sounds realistic right? I just hope it’s worth it in the end. So many people have already liked the first pieces, so it’d only make sense to finish ‘er up.