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The site is up!


The site is now up and running! From now on, you will see a bunch of daily Blog Updates (duh!) broken down into 3 Sections. If you do not understand Computer Programming, then I suggest you don't read that section. I'll occasionally have a Download section too, when I decide to give you all some good stuff! Also, check out the Moose Wiki, that features a ton of information on Video Games, all 100% editable. That's all for Now!

Video Games

Today, I invited a few friends over, and we played Mario Kart DS And Metroid Prime Hunters for most of the day. After agreeing that Their heads were being sniped off too much in MPH, we moved onto Mario Kart. It was actually pretty close; we all had equal skills. Then we went on WiFi. Oddly enough, I got paired with one of my friends! What are the odds? My friend, Stu7, and I teamed up on the other two. One of them was named Matt. We bashed him so hard, that he quit on the first race. Now we had to destroy Lynchmob. He was good, but I'm almost positive he was onto us working together by the final lap of the final race, where I got a star, and then went out of my way to ram Lynch so Stu7 could finish! If you're looking for a fight, Email me for my Friend Code.

Computer Programming

I've been working on this unnamed RPG for so long. Right now, I classify it as "Project2". I'm not near completion, but I may post Demos from time to time. I recently added an Image that originated from the upper left corner, and placed at coordinates (0,0), and then stretched it to about 15 blocks (about screen size). This image updates itself constantly, allowing it to tell you where you are at, functioning much like a variable, the settings are preloaded, and is transparent, and it looks really nice so far. (basically, I put text that tells you what area you are in, that constantly changes).


Simple Tetris -- A full DHTML Tetris Version