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The PC goes boom!


I've added some new stuff to the Side Bar, including a chat box, the Mario Kart DS Theme, and Two new sections. Also, I got my first comment in record timing, and answered it. This site hardly ever gives me any trouble, so if you are trying to make a blog, try BlogDrive! (see side bar)

Video Games

Today, I dished out some more Mario Kart goodness. After discovering that Yoshi in the Standard YS isn't the best way to go against Stu7, who prefers Bowser in the R.O.B. BLS, I switched to a heavier player, and guess who won?! I also am still trying to earn a star next to my name. Later, we played some Metroid Prime Hunters, but once again, My awesome sniping powers prevailed! I must've gotten at least 150 Kills, 130 of them all headshots! My average was every 35 Kills, I would die once! I've recently heightened my survival skills to an all time extreme, by cutting down on the Alt Form Killing, and maximizing the Sniping and Scouting. Every Alt Form kill would probably be equivalent to every time I died. I'm not one of those snipers who stands in one spot the whole match. Nope, It's snipe 'n go, with the occasional wait and snipe. We then played New Super Mario Bros, and I found out I have horrible luck at Poker. The LRLRXXYY Code was very useful, as Stu7 got the game today along with Big Brain Academy. See ya!

Computer Programming GLITCH

Today's top story: The Laptop crashed! My favorite PC! Our virus scan wasn't working properly! My Parents said no using the internet until the scan is up and running. They think everything is a virus, and that they know everything. There was this one time, when the laptop couldn't recover the load data. They took it to the store, and they were baffled, so they erased all my data. It turns out that the load data could be recovered like bacon can be eaten. Anyway, they made the situation worse! They removed the scan halfway, leaving it both dysfunctional and it pops up every five seconds going "Some components are missing, may not be installed properly". Well, I didn't have time to analyze what was wrong, so I just found an alternative Virus Scanner. Unfortunately, it still pops up EVERY WAKING MOMENT GAAAAAAGH!!!!! That's a problem for tomorrow, though.


I have but one item up for Download today; the HTML code used to make the GLITCH sign above. You can fill in GLITCH With ANY TEXT YOU WANT, though. Here is the HTML code:

<font style="{filter:glow(dohtml]color:red, strength=3);height:0px;width:inherit} {text-decoration:none} " color="#000000">