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[release] Homebrew App Store 2.2

What's New?

This update should address a lot of the slowness and crashing that people have experienced. We have other infrastructure-related changes that we're still working on, but are publishing this now to make sure these client bugfixes are out there!

In July 2019, we passed our third year of hosting the Homebrew App Store service since starting on the Wii U! Thank you to everyone who has used the App Store or otherwise shown support for this project. You're the reason we keep doing this.

The App Store team is: pwsincd, rw-r-r_0644, CompuCat, crc32, vgmoose, quarky, Whovian9369
Our homepage: https://fortheusers.org
Chat with us on Discord: https://discord.fortheusers.org


For downloads, see the release on Gitlab


Wii U + Switch App Client
Download: https://gitlab.com/4TU/hb-appstore/releases


Wii U Notice: The duplicate appstore entries in HBL was an oversight, but should resolve itself after launching either* HBL app after the update. It has to do with old users migrating from .elf to .rpx, and me trying to consolidate it for each platform. After updating, the issue should not occur again in the future due to libget#8 being fixed.