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New Website!

Well, this is pretty cool right? iWeb is actually good for something! With... any luck... at all there will be lots of things here, such as Pokémon Hack downloads, or maybe, in the distant and slash or not so distant future tutorials. First things first though– Pokémon Interactive Adventure. It is happening. Honest. It will take a while, but I have already privately uploaded (as some of you have so keenly noticed) the next pieces of the adventure. Unfortunately, unlike the earlier break in work, these ends don’t tie up nicely at one single endpoint. So for now, I will continue uploading privately until the next time they all meet together. (Which according to the “script” is also at the end...) SORRY IT’LL BE DONE SOON THOUGH MAYBE.

What else? That’s really all I’ve got for ya’ll (assuming at least more than one person is reading this...) I’m off to go play Deadspace: Extraction for the first time now, and I hope I don’t cry.