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New video! And maybe Program?

I told you guys that I wasn’t dead! And it’s all new content too! Kind of...

I mean, it isn’t the promised Creepypasta BUT THAT IS PROBABLY BEING WORKED ON.

Your Interactive Adventure can blaaaaaaaagh. Maybe I’ll make a fourth generation IA LOLMFAO. No I won’t.

Anyway, I intend on doing more fourth generation videos. Then maybe even fifth gen if the process is similar enough.

Also, I had a thought. A program similar to A-text that would edit the fourth generation text (or at the very least in heart gold and soul silver). VGText? Or simply V-text maybe? It’s too bad I’d have to make it for Windows... I’m not very familiar with the process, although Visual Basic doesn’t look that hard to pick up.

We’ll see bros!

PS: I don’t know if any of you saw, (you probably didn’t), but I tried to make a Tumblr to see if my videos would catch on there with... no success. Oh well. This old standby is fine...