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Sorry I haven't been around to update, but that "minor problem" mentioned earlier, turned out to be a HUGE problem. See the Computer Programing section for more. Also, the Address Book and Friend Codes are (still) on their way! Also, I've been living it up at Camp Hyrule this week. It was awesome! We were in Cabin 7, and came in 3rd place! That's prizeworthy! If you want to PM me on NSider, my sn is AGS1. Hopefully there won't be another error, and this blog can liiiiive!

Video Games

I've recently found my ACWW game! So I invited-ed Kevin and Justin over for an all night party. Unfortuntely, Justin was on vacation, so it was just Kevin. I had a ton of new stuff, like Invisible Hats that became Golden Roses when needed. I also brought a Rock Seed and a Bee Tree Seed. The Hats were a big hit. So big, I might just auction it on Nookbay. Later that day, after Kev left, I found Pete Fling by on the top screen. A couple o shots and BAMMO instant pete! It also turns out that Pete using the same emote that Gulliver and I use. Just an interesting sidenote! I also created a Camp Hyrule 2006 Pattern! If you want to pick it up, just email me, and you can grab it.