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In Which Deadspace is Awesome

Okay, well now that I have your attention, (or not), the Comments and Downloads sections are up! I’m still working on slowly adding all of the Videos to the video page. It’s not an easy, task; I may just forget doing full power descriptions as I’ve been doing. Is that even how you use a semicolon? I don’t think it is...

Uh, oh yeah. In order to make this an actual “blog” entry or whatever I need to like talk about something generic. LIKE DEADSPACE OMG. Deadspace Extraction. I played with a friend last night through the co-op story mode (11 PM to 7 AM, if you’re curious), and it did not let us down on the creep factor. I can’t decide if the rail shooter aspect added or detracted from the experience, but it was pretty awesome. I WOULD RECOMMEND IT TO YOU. OR ELSE

Yes, that is all. I might add more depth to the backpack page if it becomes necessary.