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Happy Birthday... me... Or else!


I'm Still working on the Address Book, Friend Code, and Other sections in the side bar. Also, If you Have a favorite song that you would like me to post on the blog, Email it to me at AGS55225@YAHOO.COM. I may also have some contests later for, uh contest stuff. PINK YOSHI FO KARMA FOOS!

Video Games

The big Pokemon Tournament is tomorrow! I'm not in it, but my Pink Yoshi-Loving Friend is. We tried to train for the Tournament... But that didn't work out. (can you believe that he didn't know the Shedinja Skill-Swap Combo?) So, we stayed up all night hopelessly trying to conquer Yoshi's Story. Ya, My gamecube's broke. :( If nobody has played Yoshi's Story yet, you really should consider it. It's a great game, unlike Topsy Turvy, or Touch n Go. You can pick one up at gamestop for about 3 dollars! Ahh the classics! Well, back to the new VIdeo Games. It's pretty old news, but Mario Kart Wii has been scheduled for release with the Wii from the start! I'm definitely getting one of those babies! Also, send in your Pokemon team to me, and I will rate it! Teams will be based on Moves, Levels, Strategy, and Stats. That's all for today's video game coverage!


I now, I know, Computer Programming has been skipped a lot this month, but I really haven't mad any progress on anything computer... ish.... So, I'm going to cover what happened on my Birthday! pt. 1! When I woke up, still drowsy from last night, I didn't even see the Large Birthday banners posted around the halls. When I walked downstairs, my dad called on my cell phone. When he said "Happy Birthday!" I said "You Too" In a mumbly voice. Really odd... For My birthday, I got 10 dollars, a paddleball, a bug swatter, a yo yo, some golf balls, a digital camera, and some digital Sudoku. Not exactly the "motherload" But considering I got my DS Lite in advance, It makes up for it :) . Here's a special report from Justin:

What um, I don't have anything to say... (reading) What oh! C'mon, he's typing everything I'm saying. what what? NOOOOOOO! Why am I talking to myself. Johnny? Johnny! JOOOOOOOOOOHNY! Cool I killed his brain!!!!

That was a special report from Justin! (Made in Japan)


Nothing Here today! But try again soon!