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Fall Cover Story

Kirby hasn’t seen much action ever since the release of Canvas Curse and that game wasn’t exactly Kirby potential. So what is the next Kirby Game? Good question! But what exactly is Kirby Potential? Well, most of the time, Kirby games have the classic side to side scrolling, suck up powers, and King Dedede theme. A certain few may be Mini-Games, and another handful could be fighting or racing games, but, the most recent creation of HAL, Kirby Canvas Curse, was pretty fun, but it only used the touch screen, and lacked in Copy Abilities. Heading further back, we come to Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. Now, this game had multiple powers, a ton of goodies, but it didn’t last quite as long as some other Kirby games, like, Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland. Nightmare in Dreamland was a new new experience for gamers. It had new sprites, new abilities, and had so many objectives to clear plus, it included the Awesome new Mini Game, Meta Knightmare! And, although you couldn’t save, it still was a ton of fun. Tracing Kirby history even further back, we reach a game for the SNES, called Kirby Superstar. Superstar, was a huge collection of all different Kirby games, with powers, some being new, others being old. But, it also featured the 2P, Gooey. Gooey was controllable by the second player, and had the opportunity of taking one of Kirby’s powers, or, getting it’s own. If Gooey died, it could rebirth from Kirby, as long as Kirby had a power. If 2P didn’t press and buttons, the computer would automatically pick it up. Another great game in Kirby History, was Kirby 64 the Crystal Shards. In Crystal Shards, you would adventure through a 3D would, and could take all different powers... and combine them! This game also featured multiple Mini-Games. And, you could use friends, who were being controlled By the “Dark Force”. Going to the beginning of Kirby, brings Kirby Dream Land, Kirby Dream Land 2, and Kirby Dream Land 3. All three were excellent games, but compared to some of the newer games, (like nightmare in dreamland) it’s nothing. So, now that you have seen Kirby Through the Ages, you may have noticed that the latest Kirby Games haven’t been as great as the Classics. So, does this mean that Kirby has died down? The games are getting worse and worse, the Kirby Saga may be dying down…. Or is it? Nintendome presents exclusive footage on the latest Kirby game, for the Nintendo GameCube! Although it is unnamed, it looks like the greatest game ever! Click Here to view it. Although this game is un named at the time, we do know that you can ride certain enemies, like how you ride partners in Crystal Shards. So enjoy the footage of Kirby, The Tentative Title!!