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[beta] OhSnApp

Now, I know I said Beta, but chances are I will never get around to finishing this, it's good enough as it is!

OK, so what this app does, it launch a popup bubble every 2-7 seconds that says "OH SNAP". Nothing more, nothing less. It can be used to annoy friends, or simply for your own personal entertainment.

It's actually two apps in one, the first app, OhSnApp, will launch the Oh Snaps. As soon as you launch the app, hit home right away to exit quickly. Not exiting quickly can lead to unexpected results. The second app, OhSnapKiller, will destroy the Oh Snaps. Don't run OhSnapKiller if you haven't ran OhSnApp yet.

Oh SnApp

And, yeah, that's about it. Download it >>here, or go to ipodtouchfans for further documentation.

*iPod may freeze or not respond, after all this is beta. No damge is permanent however, and if your iPod freezes, simply reset by holding down both Home and Sleep/Wake.